Silk Ties & Red Bottom Heels


She watches Jongin take the smoothie with him and she shakes her head with a fond smile, setting out cleaning up the kitchen. The blender, the cups, she cleans everything and puts the dishes in the dishwasher away, occupying herself while Jongin gets dressed. When he comes back Chanlei doesn’t look at him at first, distractedly grabbing the glass and putting it in the dishwasher, and when she glances up, she loses her breath all over again.

Her immediate reaction is to reach out and try to hit Jongin’s shoulder because he knows she likes it when he wears anything sporty, but he’s caught her before she can do anything and the whine in her ear causes a shiver to travel up and down her spine. A breathy laugh leaves her lips and she nods, pressing into his side as she rolls her eyes and tries to pretend like it doesn’t affect her. “Ok, ok. C’mon, handsome.” She presses a kiss to the shell of his ear in turn and leads him to the door, grabbing her purse from the free-standing coat rack in the process. Her feet slip into a pair of flats and she waits for him to put on his own shoes, reaching out to open the door. “Where do you want to go? I think the outdoor mall is pretty slow at this time, that’d be nice.” 

It’s a private glimpse at the impossible family of his dreams. Himself holding the perfect housewife, Chanlei, in his kitchen intimately after breakfast. Then he would go to work while Lei and Yeol collided into the entity Jongin knew since birth. It was too picturesque to be true, and that’s why it wasn’t, he supposed. But his lips catch Yeol’s cheek while Yeol’s are against his ear and together the pair stumble eagerly towards the door. What was that again? The world calling? Too bad because right now everything was the two of them and Jongin’s stuffed his feet into sneakers before the door even opens.

"The outdoor mall sounds great. I’ll find you something magnificent… okay? Somehow…" He imagined purchasing a designer dress off of a clearance rack and wanted to hurl. No matter. No matter. Jongin led the way to the elevator and punched the button, holding Yeol close every second of the ride down. "If your feet start to hurt, I’ll carry you…since we’re walking…" He whispers, a promise for later. "What have you needed lately? Anything?" They walk out of the building, Jongin’s hand clasping Yeol’s tightly.


在这繁忙的世界里,遇见对的人真得不容易。 I’m a bit straight forward when talking, not to mention awkward, so I’ll get right to the point: I am in desperate need of some talkative friends.
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I’ll keep this short and simple, but only because I’m not sure if my Korean will hold up for an elaborate message. My name is Wufan, and I’m an artist living in Seoul. I’m new around and wouldn’t mind some company (keep in mind, the salary of an artist isn’t exactly stupendous. If we go anywhere, chances are you’re buying.

My inspiration ran dry now that I’m out in the real world - which sucks - but who knows…  
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[closed] Restoration [jongin/xiumin]


Though his face falls when the books slips from under his arm,Xiumin’s expression turns from dismayed to surprised when the boy catches his book,preventing it from getting too wet.He moves forward and nods,smiling sheepishly at the stranger and taking the book from his hands. “Thanks.”  After straightening up,he starts wiping away the remaining drops of water,sighing at the way then binding has dampened slightly and chewing on his lip. “It..It should be fine.”

"Is it an important book?" He asks after a moment of silence, letting the other fret over it for a moment. Conversation wasn’t something he had expected out of being on the bench, but then again he could never expect anything from this spot. This spot was like the origin of all things for him at this point, his spot, his coordinate (0,0,0,0) for all of time. That’s why he wasn’t really abashed to speak with whomever he stumbled upon here. 

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Yixing was taken aback. Who the hell waves at someone who was literally shooting glares at you like he wanted them to be knives? It was weird and surprising and his narrowed eyes let up, replaced with an expression of distaste as he raised a hand, looking like he’d wave back but instead, he showed the man his middle finger and quickly walked towards him, steps light but still full of intent.

"You’re the one who spilled your damn coffee on me." He greeted, well, more like accused. And probably because he felt childish today or he really lacked coffee, his words kept on repeating and he kept on raising subjects that should’ve been forgotten centuries of seconds ago. "Why are you here?" This time, his voice dripped with curiosity, his eyes glued to the other expectantly.

"Because in today’s special every person in the universe raffle back in Hell you won the fabulous chance to be stalked by me today?" He jokes, trying to lighten the mood. Damn this guy must have his balls tucked up too tight or something for him to be glowering at Jongin so intently. The younger male folds his hands on his lap, resting them on top of his phone as he solidly meets the other’s eyes. "I just had an interview… to be an instructor here, actually. Just now. I can assure you I’m far more graceful than this morning’s fumble. And I’m going to guess that you’re not and that’s why you’re here and were in that training room?" Jongin subtly pointed at it but he offers the stranger a smile, just the same. 

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